All riders must register with KitePeople, receive a safety briefing, sign a liability waiver and pay the appropriate fee before using any part of the kite beach.

You are expected to show responsible behavior on and off the water, safe launching and landing skills, the ability to turn direction, satisfactory knowledge of water re-launch and self-rescue, compliance with standard “right of way” rules, use of the safety system (leash), knowledge of the international communication signs.

Everybody needs to show us their level card (IKO, VDWS) to be able to rent equipment.

Equipment rental 09:00 - 17:00

If you don't have a license a check-up is required and it costs 60,00 EUR including full equipment, IKO license and instructor for 1H.

Equipment has no insurance, self insurance recommended:

Services Full Kite Board Harness/
Wet Suit
Life Jacket
1/2 Day (4 Hours) €85 €50 €30 €7 €6
1 Day €129 €80 €44 €11 €7
1 Week €427 €275 €118 €41 €31
2 Weeks €637 €415 €188 €57 €43


One Day (Setup+cleaning) €11
One Week (Setup+cleaning) €42
Two Weeks (Setup+cleaning) €84